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Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm
Let Marjory Wildcraft, a nationally recognized expert in backyard food production, show you exactly how she grows nutritious, healthy, delicious food. Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm shows you how to turn your own back yard into a food producing machine! (No physical DVD. Electronic delivery only.)

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Who Else Wants To Grow Their Own Food?

Let me, Marjory Wildcraft, a nationally recognized expert in backyard food production, show you exactly how I grow nutritious, healthy, delicious food.

I'll show you step-by-step how to grow food on a part time basis, with little money, and no previous agricultural experience. I've dedicated at least a decade of my life to finding the easiest methods for growing food in a backyard or small farm. I've done a lot of research, but more importantly, I've done the dirt time, finding out exactly what methods work the best. Most of what I eat, I grow for myself using simple, sustainable, organic methods.

But I didn't start out knowing anything about gardening or handling livestock.

I became worried about the economy, possible pandemics, peak oil, terrorist destruction of key infrastructure, EMP flares, and a host of other issues. I felt unbelievably vulnerable when I realized how dependent I was on huge, corporate agri-business for my food supply, and how fragile that vast system is. I began in earnest to research and implement every kind of food production method I could find. At first I was taking every workshop, reading every book, and visiting all kinds of farmers, homesteaders, survivalists, and gardeners - and then going home and trying it for myself. Initially I had a lot of failures. But I kept at it, and after a while I started producing.

After a while I found myself being the teacher. I offered workshop after workshop teaching hundreds of people how to grow food. We couldn't handle all the people who wanted to come, so I took time off and crafted the video set Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm.

I put everything I know into this video course; including my failures. I've gotten thousands of emails with people telling me how much they appreciated how I show the techniques that didn't work. The Permaculture Activist Magazine, the most highly regarded sustainable living journal in the US says of my work "With high production values, the authenticity of lived experience, a script sharp as nails, and good narration, this film makes a tremendous contribution to the practical literature of permaculture".

Jim Rawles, editor of SurvivalBlog.com, and perhaps the most famous survivalist in the world, gives my work a two thumbs up saying "Excellent".

Carol Ann Sayle has been an organic farmer for over thirty years, Carol has seen it all - managing to make a living from the land through every season. Carol is the owner of Boggy Creek Farms which is Austin's oldest urban farm. She is my hero. I was shocked at a recent visit to Carol when she told me that even she learned new things from my video.

My work is carried and highly regarded by prominent sustainable agriculture stores such as Acres USA, the premier seed and tool company of John Jeavons' Bountiful Gardens, and the most highly awarded organic nursery in the US, The Natural Gardener.

But you are in Texas and I am living in Minnesota - will this apply to me?

The principles of growing food are universal. Kris Olsen of Milagro Farm told me this about the video "if I had to distill everything I've learned in 15 years of bio-dynamic farming, it would be exactly what you've laid out in that 110 minutes of film". Kris also said "it is classic material that is timeless. It contains the essential material any farmer anywhere needs to know".

Of course, not all of the species we show you will work in your area. And yes, you might find that ducks work better for you than geese, or you like certain vegetables better than others. The real power of the video lies in the fact that there is no better demonstration of a complete, integrated, home-scale food production system anywhere. Seeing a well documented example of a fully functioning homestead and how it is all integrated together will save you years of time in developing your own systems.

This is useful information even in Montana...

Thomas Elpel, one of the most famous practical botanists in the world, lives in Montana. Tom is the author of the well known book Botany in a Day and many other books on self-reliance. Montana is about as different from Texas as you can get, and here is what he says about the differences in climate: "..a professional quality home video, providing an astonishingly detailed overview of self-sufficient skills, from gardening and food forests to rainwater collection, gardening, composting, raising and butchering rabbits and poultry, tanning pelts, drying food and more. Food Production Systems was filmed in Texas and optimized for southern climates, however, northern viewers will also find it highly educational".

Actually we have sold videos all over the world; 30 different countries to date, from Australia, to Canada, Ireland, Singapore, and even to New Zealand. Many folks from all these diverse places send us emails of thanks for putting the material together.

This Is a Video Course You Will Watch Over and Over

Not long ago humans fed themselves, provided for their own needs and were largely self sufficient. They knew how to feed themselves, how to take care of animals, what to plant and what to do when something went wrong. This new video, Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm, is your guide to recapturing that lost knowledge.

This video is special because it was created by a family that has actually done it. I will teach you what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. I will reveal to you our successes and our failures, some of them very costly (to the tune of thousands of dollars) so you never have to make them yourself. Watching this video is the fastest way to learn to grow food - guaranteed.

If you follow these methods, systems and hard proven techniques, the result will be as much self sufficiency as you decide you want in your backyard. In this video you will learn about every component of my self sufficient food production model including...

* Water Harvesting and Passive Irrigation
* How Much Land You Need To Be completely Food Self-Reliant
* How to Turn Any Soil into Fertile Black Gold
* Which Livestock to Use and for What Purpose
* Highly Efficient Techniques That Homeowners Can Use, But Commercial Growers Can't
* The Role of Dogs on a Homestead
* How to Convert Your Farm or Urban Back Yard into a Food Producing Machine

If you asked me what is the biggest mistake we made in the creation of Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm, I would say we put too much on one video course. The information on this one 110 minute video is a compilation of knowledge gained over years of practical application and research that would make a PhD's head spin.

In fact we include free bonuses of over 60 supporting documents just to help you get the most out of Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm. To give you an idea of how extensive this collection really is, just look at the bonus documents menu to your right!

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Presenter: Rooster Crows Productions
Includes: 1 Online Streamed Video(s) (110 mins total)
76 Downloadable Documents
Price: $59.95 USD
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  • Section 1: Overview - Why we began this journey * Soil types and climate of the site
  • Section 2: Water - Water sources and qualities of water * How much water do you need? * Rain water collection systems * Wells * Ponds
  • Section 3: Garden - Garden location * Size & how much area do you need? * Bio-Intensive gardening overview * Fertility * Watering the garden * Wind * Sun and shade * Bugs and insects * Vegetable varieties and seed saving * Getting started
  • Section 4: Rabbits - Housing and protection * Watering systems * Feeding * Breeds * Reproduction * Other resources
  • Section 5: Home Butchering - Tools * Butchering a rabbit * Tanning hides * Butchering poultry * Other animals
  • Section 6: Poultry - Chicken breeds * Feeding * Watering * Housing and egg collecting * Predator protection * Getting started
  • Section 7: Dogs - Why dogs? * Dog training * Feeding * Housing * Size and breeds * Final thoughts
  • Section 8: Perennials: Orchards, Food Forests, and Edible Landscaping - Locations and micro-climates * Watering * Fertility * Using geese for fertility * Tree varieties * Planting and care of trees * Getting started
  • Section 9: Other Essentials - Calorie crops * Solar food dehydration * Home made herbicide tests * Fire ants * Injuries * Hog panels and tee posts * Water levels and mapping contours * Rocket stove and hay box cooker * In The Wake; a manual for outliving civilization * Propagating leuceana

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